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SeeMagicLive CEO Kostya Kimlat amazes corporate audiences

Looking to entertain a large group? We’ve got you covered.
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Service #1: Interactive Close-Up Magic

The most requested magic for banquets is Interactive Close-Up Magic. Depending on the size of your group, our certified SeeMagicLive magicians will perform magic for your guests all night!  Magic happens right in the hands of guests and it gets them excited to be a part of  everything happening! The performances typically begin when guests arrive and will last throughout the cocktail hour. Interactive Magic is ideal before dinner begins and  can also fit nicely after awards are announced. Your guests will love the extra attention they get from their very own Close-Up Magic show!

Make your next corporate event magical!

Service #2: Group Magic Show

The second type is a Group Magic Show where everyone sits down and experiences one big show together. Guests are always treated professionally and group shows can run for around 30 minutes. If time permits, combining both the Close-Up Magic with the Group Show ensures everyone gets the complete experience by interacting with the magician first before sitting down to be a part of a show together.

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Have a VIP you wish to celebrate or honor?
Turn award presentations into Magical Experiences!

SeeMagicLive offers customized interactive magic sessions designed to surprise this year’s award recipients! Let award winners be amazed by the incredible gifts given with incredible magic. Make sure everyone goes home with something positive to talk about.

Kostya Kimlat, Corporate Magician and Speaker makes your event unforgettable

Magic can break the ice, bring everyone together, and allow your guests to put aside their cares. If you’re considering magical entertainment to make a lasting impression at this year’s banquet function make sure your guests get an extraordinary experience. Everyone will thank you for it!

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