Cocktail Hour Magician

Interactive Magic for Unforgettable Events!

  • Break the ice!

  • Engage your guests!

  • Excite the crowds!

At your next cocktail hour event, your guests will experience magic like they have never seen before – sophisticated and entertaining sleight-of-hand just inches from their eyes!

What is “Strolling Magic” ?

Strolling magic is perfect for cocktail hour situations. As guests breaks into small groups and move around the room, it’s nearly impossible to get everyone to focus on one “show” or “performer.” Instead, our magicians roam the crowds, finding the perfect opportunities to create burst of laughter and joy amongst your guests.

You’ll hear cheers and applause throughout the night in various parts of the room as our SeeLiveMagic Cocktail Hour Magicians create one-on-one interactive magic experiences that will leave your guests speechless.

Magician for Cocktail Hour at Inaugural Ball

Cocktail-Hour Magic at the Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C.

When the American Legion plans their exclusive Presidential Ball, they bring in magicians from across the US to entertain the Medal of Honor recipients and their guests. Here is a photo of Kostya Kimlat, CEO of SeeLiveMagic, performing at the Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C.

Looking for A Specific Performer?

We are proud to offer cocktail-hour magic presented by the top magicians in the industry. If you have hired magic entertainment for past events or have seen our team members, feel free to request a specific performer.

If this is your first time adding magic entertainment to your event, let us help you select the most appropriate performer to match your audience. We welcome you to select magicians from our featured “Close-Up” performers list. Or simply submit the online form below and we’ll take care of everything.

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