Sebastian Midtvaage - Oviedo, FL


Sebastian is an award winning magician based in Orlando. He was voted "Favorite Performer" at the 2014 Orlando Magic Mansion and has performed magic across the country, at trade shows, private parties, corporate functions, and restaurants.

What better way to bring the guests at your next party together than with laughter and amazement? Prepare to be astounded as Sebastian performs intimate, astonishing close up magic right in front of your eyes. .

By bringing SeeMagicLive's Featured Performer Sebastian to your next event, you can make sure it' a magical experience that your guests will never forget!

Certified and Trained

This performer is Certified as a Professional Close-Up Magician by Restaurant Magic Business and See Magic Live.



Types of Magic:

  • Parlour Magic
  • Strolling/Close-up

Latest Photos:


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