Bring the Magic

You've got a special event coming up—and you're super-psyched about it. You've got clients, bosses, guests, family, friends, or prospects to delight, so how are you going to make the occasion one to remember?


Top-Notch Talent

Our magicians specialize in surprise and sophistication, presenting interactive close-up magic, as well as group magic shows, to slack-jawed and overjoyed audiences nationwide. Every magician booked by See Magic Live has been vetted for remarkable talent and unmatched professionalism.

Each See Magic Live magician presents a unique type of magic, from sleight-of-hand and grand illusions to mind-bending mentalism. Our magic is performed in a non-intrusive manner, with class and sophistication. We strive to make guests feel comfortable and excited to participate every step of the way.

A Team Approach

When you book a magician through See Magic Live, you're not just guaranteed an amazing performer. You're guaranteed a seamless, professional booking process with a company that has provided magical entertainment for thousands of events over the course of nearly a decade. And because we're a team, we're able to recommend the best possible magician that will jive with your audience.

And if your magician comes down with a cold 24 hours before your event? We'll do everything we can to send another team member to bring the magic to your event. That's the magic of a team approach.

Even better, if you're hosting a large event that requires more than one magician, we're able to provide a duo or group of magicians who know how to cooperatively entertain your audience.

Orlando magicians of See Magic Live perform annually at the Runway to Hope fundraiser, fighting childhood cancer.

Orlando magicians of See Magic Live perform annually at the Runway to Hope fundraiser, fighting childhood cancer.

Kostya Kimlat the Business Magician

Kostya Kimlat the Business Magician

Led By Example

As Kostya Kimlat traveled the world, performing magic and delivering keynote presentations, he saw a need. In every city he visited, he encountered hardworking, talented magicians yearning to make a living by performing magic.

That's why Kostya Kimlat founded See Magic Live in 2010. He wanted to elevate the art of magic and provide other performers with opportunities to earn a living by sharing their magical talents—a dream he'd already achieved for himself. He also saw See Magic Live as a way for companies to develop rapport with their own employees and customers by encouraging them to use magic to surprise and delight those they serve.

Today, in addition to traveling as a keynote speaker, Kostya continues to lead See Magic Live, providing magicians for high-end events in his hometown of Orlando, as well as all across North America.