Featured Magician: Dave Maldo

January 9, 2013

When people think “magician” they usually conjure up images of men in tails, with top hats and possibly rabbits. Some people will think of the big names in magic and picture Harry Houdini dangling in a straight jacket over of the streets of New York or David Copperfield flying around a Las Vegas stage. While all this is very much a part of the history of magic, it’s important to know that magic is just as booming and diverse now as it was in the years past.

See Magic Live is proof of that very thing. Our team of magicians brings a variety of talents, acts, and personalities to the magical mainstream. Little by little our goal here is to showcase some of our friends and colleagues, to tell you their story, to show you how magic has impacted their lives.

To begin, we bring you an Orlando, Florida local, David Maldo.

Originally from the streets of New York City, Dave Maldo has been involved in the art of magic and its performance for more than 20 years.   His career had its genesis in the world famous Tannen’s Magic Shop, just off Broadway in the heart of the big apple. There in the early 1980’s he was fortunate to study with two legends of magic, Frank Garcia and George Schindler, at their School of Magic. Once bitten by the proverbial “bug” it became hard to keep David away. Dave says that he would spend nearly every weekend at Tannen's without fail or on the corner of 47th and Broadway watching the world famous street performer Chris Capehart, with whom he would become good friends.

Dave’s magical journey however didn’t end in the streets of New York. As with so many of us, his love of magic permeated every aspect of his life. In the mid 1980‘s  Dave enlisted in the United States Army and while serving his country abroad, he was recruited by the USO to perform at venues throughout Europe. There he brought the universal language of magic to the stage where audiences were astounded by his unique and entertaining style. Dave’s performances weren’t just limited to Europe either. He jokingly talks about how he would also perform for his unit in Desert Storm, many times just to maintain his sanity. Who can blame him?

Maldo’s work eventually led to many accolades. To name a few, Dave’s was the 1st Place Winner at the USAEUR Entertainment Contest, and he also won the Grand Prize at the CentCom Talent Show in Panama City!

Current, Dave lives in the Central Florida area and brings his amazing talents to the family that is See Live Magic. His specialty is wedding entertainment. We feel more than delighted to have him as a part of our team and you will be more than amazed watching him! Contact Dave Maldo for your next event!


Amy Kimlat