The Emerging Magic of Philly

August 11, 2011

New York, Hollywood, Chicago, Las Vegas.

For the last hundred years, these cities have pretty much dominated the magic scene in North America. The greatest magicians of the 21st Century spent much of their lives traveling to, from and amongst the four, seeking out what magicians call, “the real work”. Underground talent, rumored sleights, and newly created effects seemed to blossom out of the fertile soil touched by the California sun or the titanic city lights.

While these cities are still often the birthplace of some of the greatest ideas, tricks, and magic in general; they are no longer the only backdrops on which magic plays its role. Not only have magicians like David Blaine and David Copperfield made magic popular, but the advent of the internet and online magic shops have helped propel magic to new heights.

These days, you don’t need to be in major city or town to see, learn, or experience magic. The magic scene can be found, just emerging, on its way, or fully established nearly everywhere.

This is especially the case over in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where magicians Francis Menotti and Seth Rovner are turning up the heat and breathing new life into the magic community in and around “the city of brotherly love”.

Francis Menotti, 33, a native of State College, Pennsylvania is a well-known, well respected, and downright brilliant magician. As a full time professional for over ten years, his smart magic, witty presentations, and charming persona have brought him all over the world. From Paris to Stockholm, and New York to Hollywood, Francis is the definition of a seasoned performer. However, his abilities don’t stop at performance; Menotti is also a respected creator, writer, teacher of magic. His tricks, words, and lessons are embraced around the world for their creativity, timeliness, and sheer clever construction.

Seth Rovner, 29, a native of Lower Moreland, PA is also no stranger to the magical spotlight. For over a decade, Seth took his magic throughout The Big Apple and the City of Angels before settling in his home state and opening, you guessed it, a brick and mortar magic shop! Trick Zone is now the only magic shop in Philadelphia and sports a variety of magic tricks, books, DVD’s, gag gifts, juggling equipment, and novelties.  In addition to owning a shop and performing around the country, Seth has also made time to give back. During Seth’s time in L.A. he founded the Star Education Magic Program which runs after-school programs for theater, dance, tutoring, and music. Since its beginnings, it has continued to flourish as one of, “California’s most well-known creative education centers.”

Between Francis Menotti, Seth Rovner, a new magic shop and the 100+ magicians currently living and working in Philadelphia, it’s clear to see that it’s slowly coming into its role as a center of magical entertainment.

All of us here at See Magic Live encourage anyone who might be in the area to look these guys up, check out the shop, and above all discover the magic of Philly!


Amy Kimlat