The Supernaturalist

The art of magic is one with an incredibly rich history. Its roots go back thousands of years and to this day it flows through the veins of so many entertainment mediums. The gambler, the pickpocket, the street hustler, the side-show artist, the circus performer, and the palm reader all borrow pieces of their culture from the history that is magic.

All of us here at See Magic Live subscribe exclusively to the wonder and the magic that is sleight of hand; however, there are those that believe that magic goes much further than psychology and manipulation. There are those who believe that in the deep places of the world true magic still lives and thrives. This is the concept behind the new Discovery Channel special, The Supernaturalist.

You better believe that all of us here at See Magic Live will be watching as magician Dan White takes his knowledge and skills to the Himalayan country of Nepal where magic is much more than tricks to see if this really is the case.

Tune in tonight, Wednesday, June 29th at 10PM et/pt or check your local listings at:


Amy Kimlat