Grand Illusion Magic

Drew Thomas practices a unique and original school of illusion. By using ordinary objects everyone can relate to, he changes our preconceptions towards “magic.” No smoke, mirrors, or exotic animals. Instead, Drew relies on his arsenal of spray paint, metal, gears, wood, and power tools.

His appearances on America’s Got Talent, have exposed greater and greater audiences to a powerful new brand of magic and theatrical experience—a high-energy production shaped and perfected through more than 6000 live performances.

The high-energy stage shows are an all-out theatrical experience. Drew Thomas immerses audiences fully, using music to weave together jaw-dropping illusions, humor, and poignant storylines. A magical moment could draw a gasp, a chuckle, or a tear – and he makes sure you never know which.

Drew Thomas makes believers out of skeptics by answering that part in all of us that wants to hear a good story – and to believe in something magical.