Magical VIP Appearance

One of the biggest challenges with public speaking is making the absolute best first impression possible. Our team of certified magicians make that obstacle magically disappear! For years we have partnered with many VIPs, celebrities, and Fortune 500 corporate executives to help them make the largest and most impressive entrance possible for maximum impact.

Our team specializes in audience management, preparing the crowd, and building their excitement about the VIP’s appearance. When the energy is high and guests are on the edge of their seats, we magically produce the VIP from “thin-air” LIVE on stage in front of everyone! Our methods are both reliable and practical and designed to play at most venues and the secret can be taught to the VIP in minutes with ZERO STRESS!

We also make it possible for members of one group to magically change into members of a different group. You can even have a guest speaker levitate right in front of everyone’s eyes. These illusions are extraordinary and are designed to invigorate your presentations, branding, and keep the company name at the forefront of everyone’s mind!