Brian Happie

Orlando, Florida

As an entertainer, the hardest thing to learn is to entertain on multiple levels. Brian's popularity can be attributed to his ability to engage a 3-year-old, 8-year-old, 15-year-old, their parents and grandparents all at the same time. Magic that is amazing, colorful, funny and engaging on so many levels is rare to come by.

Often when Brian is doing balloon art for a line of kids, adults and kids alike stand off to the side just to watch and listen. The ability to twist 100 to 150 balloons an hour and deliver joke after joke is a spectacle to be seen. Ask Brian for a simple dog or giraffe and he will make it behind his back while talking to the child about their favorite subject at school. Before they can answer out comes the finished balloon! Oops, the dogs tail is too short! Brian asks the child to touch the tail and it POPS into place like magic.

Face-painting is a delight for the child getting painted. Not so much for mo who has to clean it up later! Not with Brian! Each color in his palette cost about $20 per cup! It's well worth the investment for the best materials on the market! These bright vibrant colors wash off with just water and don't stain clothes. Not to mention the speed at which he can do it! 3 minutes of banter with a 4-year-old and they have a full Spiderman face!

Your average entertainer can't make any one of the above claims. Brian does it all with ease. Don't miss the opportunity to make your party the talk of the town. Mom's delight in the many phone calls over the next months while friends ask "Who was that guy you had for Billy's party? WE WANT HIM!"

This performer is certified as a Professional Close-Up Magician by See Magic Live. Check out more of See Magic Live's featured performers.

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