Derek Jasper

Herndon, Virginia

For over a decade I have been creating wonderment in my audiences and making memorable performances. My spark of interest in the art of magic is still unknown but it has been a very interesting and wonderful ride. I have been called “a natural born” performer by many of my clients and peers alike. In 2012 I debuted my one-man sleight-of-hand show “Suspension of Disbelief” and I have continued to perform all over Northern Virginia and the united states. While growing up in northern Virginia, I spent most of his time acting and performing for local community theaters until I decided to delve into the art of magic. Since then I have spent more than a full decade perfecting my craft and studying the art. Along with my vast knowledge of performance, I have a significant background in technical theater and when I am not on stage, I spend time consulting and designing shows for theaters all over Virginia. I believe that magic is a wonderful art and also is a great way of connecting with people of all ages.

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