Jeffrey Korst

San Leandro, California

When you hire magician Jeffrey Korst, your guests will get an astonishing show, creating memories they'll never forget.

You'll get peace of mind knowing your guests are in good hands.

I've been performing magic for over 30 years at private parties as well as in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and review shows.

That said, I did come to magic later than many. Magic had always interested me, but not the trick deck, plastic box type to which I had access as a boy.

Then, I found a book on sleight of hand. Immediately, I became obsessed. Four years later, I was working as a full-time magician. One highlight was performing in ice shows—on skates—at state fairs, hotels, even a cruise ship! 

Now, I'm busy creating new material and performing at private parties. I'd love to be at yours!

This performer is certified as a Professional Close-Up Magician by See Magic Live. Check out more of See Magic Live's featured performers.

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