Karl Koppertop

West Palm Beach, Florida

If you want your guests to feel comfortable, have fun and remember the great time they had at your special event, then allow them to experience magic in its purest form right under their noses and in their hands.

Sleight of hand magic is one of the few forms of entertainment that has universal appeal. Whether your guests eagerly anticipate or are surprised by his appearance, Karl Koppertop will create a warm, friendly atmosphere filled with laughter and applause as he performs 5-10 minute interactive mini-shows for your guests. Sleight of hand is the perfect icebreaker because it gets groups of people interacting with each other and the performer. Furthermore, when Karl leaves the group, he has created a topic of conversation that will continue for the remainder of the evening and memories that will last a lifetime. When everything winds to a close, your guests will compliment and applaud you for your choice of entertainment.

Why is Karl Koppertop's personal blend of comedy and sleight of hand magic the unique solution to making your event memorable? He's got skills! Karl's routines are not "off the shelf" tricks bought at a magic shop that anyone can do. They required thousands of hours of practice and experience to perfect. While his methods are "top secret" and very complicated, their effect is simply to create laughter and amazement. 

Karl developed many of his performance skills while fulfilling a pre-med scholarship and studying at Oxford University. When faced with the decision to pursue his medical career or become a full-time entertainer, Karl chose the "magic of laughter" as the best medicine. He has traveled from coast to coast, logging thousands of performance hours. As a creator, performer and teacher, Karl has baffled, entertained and impressed first class magicians from all over the world who have honored him with multiple performance awards. Now you have the chance to have this amazing talent perform for your friends, clients, and co-workers.

This performer is certified as a Professional Close-Up Magician by See Magic Live. Check out more of See Magic Live's featured performers.

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