Lochlan Masters

Madison, Wisconsin

Lochlan Masters has harbored a lifelong ambition to be a con man, one of those sleight-of-hand artists who tricks you out of your money. Alas, being a truthful and moral man, he has never been able to fulfill this ambition. So he became a magician. A sleight-of-hand artist, who, instead of tricking people out of their money, gives them their money’s worth of delight. His first stage performance was at age 13 for an audience of several thousand at a Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser. He sharpened his craft during his teens as a street magician, hanging out at neighborhood magic shops and trying out card tricks on passersby. Now, twenty years later, Lochlan can truthfully say that he has performed on stages and streets around the world -- that he can't show you one of his best illusions because David Copperfield bought it so David Blaine wouldn't get it. Since moving to Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and daughter, Madison’s favorite magician has performed on stages at the Overture Center, Vilas Zoo, Alliant Center, Madison College, and Monona Terrace. He delights audiences at corporate meetings, private events, street festivals, trade shows, and restaurants. Lochlan Masters has clearly moved way beyond card tricks for passersby, although he still does that when he gets the chance.

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