Mat LaVore

Charlotte, North Carolina


Mat LaVore has gained a reputation for providing engaging, high-impact close-up magic and hypnosis that can be customized for a variety of venues and audiences. 

This is perfect for events where everyone is mingling with each other and you need a performer to walk amongst the guests to perform intimate miracles. If you're having an event like a cocktail party, and you're really looking to create a big impression, then strolling entertainment is perfect. 

Mat will mingle with guests and perform close-up magic and hypnosis•the most intimate and powerful forms of the arts. Whether performed seated or standing, the magic and hypnosis take place inches away from the spectators•and in their own hands and minds. 

A close-up performance from Mat LaVore can involve everyday objects such as cards, coins, finger rings•even your own thoughts. But, most importantly, it involves people. The spectators are within an arm's length of the performer and interact directly with him. As well, the magic and hypnosis emphasize participation. If you want to impress everyone at the event, this is the type of performance you want to hire Mat for. 


If you're having a formal event and need a stage performer then this is the best option. The show is extremely interactive and is designed for bigger corporate audiences. Mat LaVore will astound your audience with a show comprising magic, hypnosis, and mind games that people will not stop talking about. What you think of as reality will change dramatically during his show. Whether you are looking for a 30-minute cabaret to kick-start the evening, or a full on 60-minute show, Mat LaVore • Astonishment Artist, will deliver. 

You can also ask for Mat to stay "after hours" and perform some of his mind-blowing close-up magic and hypnosis for your VIP guests. 

The magic and hypnosis of Mat LaVore is ideal for Special Events • Galas • Banquets • Exclusive Private Parties • Annual Gatherings • Meetings • Cocktail Parties • Holiday Parties • Client Appreciation Events • Awards Programs • Corporate Events •and more. 

The benefits for your guests: Guests become part of the show and socialize more with one another • Guests enjoy mind-blowing entertainment • Guests remember your fun event for years. 

Large or small, public or private, make your next event truly unforgettable with the astonishment of Mat LaVore.

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