Mickey Moore

Richmond, Virginia

Mickey Moore is one of the most popular entertainers in Virginia. 

Mom's pick Mickey over all the other birthday party entertainers because they love the way he engages their children with hilarious magical and heartwarming stories. 

Kids of all ages love to hear the classic story of the Velveteen Rabbit but what puts a smile on the parents face is watching their child turn the stuffed Velveteen Rabbit in a real Rabbit, Jack! A memory that will not be forgotten!

Adult party & event coordinators choose Mickey because of his cool magic and the way he connects with the audience plus his show is filled with lots of comedy.

Seniors love the way Mickey weaves jokes into his show from the beginning to the end where they get to pet, hug and kiss the softest and cutest bunny in the world?..Jack

Preschool directors are amazed at how Mickey holds the attention of all their kids from diapers to kindergarten. They love the roar of laughter that can be heard outside of the building.

Churches choose Mickey because of his love for the Lord and they trust him with their children!

When you invite Mickey to entertain your guest, you get much more than just Magic. You get someone who really loves to see smiling faces. Someone who cares and goes the extra mile, just because! So for a great time, invite Mickey.

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