Seth Rovner

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Seth has been performing magic professionally for the past 10 years. He works some of the most elite corporate events such as Chanel, and Caldwell Banker. Seth has produced and consulted for tricks that sell all over the world most recently a new effect called “Sunk” that was released by Paper Crane Magic. In the past Seth worked for Monday Night Magic which is New York City’s premier and longest running magic show, he also founded the Star Education Magic Program that still runs in over 150 schools throughout the Los Angeles area, and has worked for Magicopolis in Santa Monica California. Recently Seth opened up a magic store in Philadelphia where he currently resides, called South Street Magic which also has a theater inside that is a home to great weekly shows. Seth has also consulted on many projects including as the head magic producer and head consultant for a magic show The Supernaturalist, on the Discovery Channel.

This performer is certified as a Professional Close-Up Magician by See Magic Live. Check out more of See Magic Live's featured performers.