Pre-Show Checklist for Private Dinners at Christner's

Congratulations on booking your private dinner show at Christner's! This page will help you ensure every detail of your magical evening is taken care of.

Be sure to:

Tell The Restaurant:

✅ Solidify food menu
Share any guest food allergies or dietary restrictions

Tell See Magic Live:

Number of guests — let us know at least 3 days out so we can create a seating plan.

Tell Your Guests:

When to arrive
To prepare for an amazing magic show! Some people like to keep the magic a surprise, but we’ve found that people are much more positive when they know they’re coming in for a dinner and magic show. This gives them the time to do their research and set their expectations. You can find our featured magicians' bios here and share the appropriate one with your guests.


Contact our office at or call 407-367-4133.